Taxis in Ukraine

Below you can find telephone numbers of taxi companies that serve the Ukrainian city of Kharkov.
We also included contact details for taxis that cover the capital Kiev and other major cities within Ukraine.It is strongly advised that you first agree a price with the taxi driver or company before your journey commences especially if you are a foreigner.

Taxi telephone numbers in Kharkov

  • 737 9999 – “shchara”
  • 15 54 – “motor”
  • 733 0000 – “Blyuz”
  • 750 7777

Company that covers all cities in Ukraine

Just dial 567 from anywhere within Ukraine and you will be asked for your current location, you will then be connected to the regional office to make your booking.

General advice

You will need to speak either Russian or Ukrainian to book a taxi, if that is a problem then arrange for someone to call on your behalf such as a friend or translator.

Always agree on a price before the journey starts, otherwise you may be over charged.


In Ukraine taking an official taxi is one of the more expensive forms of transport, flagging down a private taxi from the street is often sometimes cheaper but is still expensive compared to the popular options of train, metro, bus or Marshrutka.

You can find out more information on current travel prices by visiting our current living costs for Kharkov guide.