Things to do in Kharkov

Five things to do in Kharkov Ukraine

Below you can find a list of the top five things to do in the unique Ukrainian city of Kharkov:

1) Dolphins at the Oceanarium

Kharkov has a new attraction and yes it is really good fun! The Oceanarium is a top quality attraction for locals and visitors, it’s affordable and great for families. You can see and even swim with dolphins, watch a display or trot around the aquarium.

You can find more information on our Kharkov dolphins page.

2) Freedom Square

The Freedom Square, also known as Constitution Square is one of the largest city squares in Europe and is often used for music concerts and other events such as ice skating in winter. It’s central location makes it easy to find and you can also find hotels and restaurants nearby.

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3) Mirror Stream

The mirror stream is a popular meeting place in the city and is located just off the central Sumskaya Street. During summer months it becomes a picnic hotspot although the structure is best viewed at night when the water feature is lit up with colourful lights.

See – Kharkov Mirror Stream for more info.

4) History Museum

Kharkov History museum is one of the oldest in all of Ukraine and with it’s central location and just a stones throw from the local metro station we feel this a must see for those visiting Kharkov. This city has a rich history that goes far beyond the Second World War or Soviet rule and this museum offers a taste of the past from this region.

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5) Visit the many cathedrals in the city

Kharkov is well known for it’s beautiful churches and places of worship such as the Blagoveshchensky Cathdedral.

This page contains a few photos of the cathedrals you will find here in Kharkov. The page will be updated soon to include more detailed information such as current opening hours and times of worship.