Welcome to our Kharkov Guide

Kharkov in Eastern Ukraine – not exactly the most popular destination for a western tourist but if you are planning a trip then the information on our site should hopefully prove useful to you. If this is your first time visiting the unique country of Ukraine we have lots of insightful content for you and hope you enjoy the website.

Getting to Kharkov

It might be off the beaten track but with the main airport recently being awarded an international “status” – accessibility isn’t too problematic and flight costs are reasonable if you follow our Kharkov flights guide.
If you wish save a few pounds then flying to Kiev Boryspil airport and then travelling by train or bus to Kharkov is your best option and is the preferred way to travel by most Ukrainians.

City Transport

One of the great aspects of almost any Ukrainian city is the public transport system, in Kharkov it is cheap, easy to use and for the most part reliable, there is also an abundance of taxi firms and buses that offer services that are cheap compared to western prices. Our Kharkov transport guide provides plenty of information on how to best get around this city including maps, suggestions and even a list of telephone numbers for local Kharkov taxis.

How Much Does That Cost?

We have compliled an insightful up to date price list of over 50 common Ukrainian products and services.

So whether you want to know the cost of a cup of Ukrainian coffee or how much a train ticket costs, we have an answer for you.

How to Unwind while You Stay in Kiev

Kiev is a great city indeed. It is one of the outstanding cities in Ukraine, being its capital city. Ukraine was formerly under the Soviet Union. The city has many great sights where you can unwind and have a real nice time. There are several museums, theaters, modern buildings, religious sites and several ancient ruins. Aside from being the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev equally has a touch of culture to it, being the center of culture in the country.
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