Freedom Square

Freedom Square

Freedom Square is one of the largest outside squares in Europe, approximately 750 metres long by 120 metres wide. The area is used to host concerts, festivals and fairs all year round and an ice skating rink in winter.

A large statue of Lenin is located to the east of the square, behind which lies the Gosprom building and Kharkov University. To the west is the main road in Kharkov city – Sumskaya Street.

Getting to the Square

The following Metro (underground) stations can be used to gain access to the Square:

  • Derzhprom – Oleksiivska line
  • Unversytet – Saltivska line

It is possible to walk to Freedom Square from the popular Sumskaya Street. If you are not familiar with this city then our Kharkov map will be useful.

A little history

The Derzhprom building overlooking the square was the first skycraper to be built in Ukraine – in 1920 when Kharkov was the capital city.

The square was originally called Dzerzhinsky Square but was renamed in 1996.

The statue of Lenin was erected in 1964 and still dominates the square.

Queen and Paul Rogers performed in 2008 to a crowd of 350,000 people.