Kharkov Airport and information

Kharkov Airport

Kharkov International Airport is located to the south east of the city and should not be confused with the Kharkov North Airport which is currently a production facility/military airport.

Most international and national flights arrive and depart from the southern airport (see map below).


A new modern terminal has recently been constructed and as of September 2010 is open to the public. The old terminal which was created during the 1950’s in a neo classical socialist style has now closed it’s doors pending a much needed refurbishment.

The new terminal currently handles both domestic and international flights. It is rumoured that the old terminal will be used for domestic flights after the Euro 2012 football competition.

The recent improvements to the airport here in Kharkov were carried out to ensure the city can meet the standards set by the UEFA Football Committee and thus be granted permission to host the competition in 2012.

You will notice other improvements in and around the city, such as new hotels and an upgrade to the public transport system between the stadium and the airport. The area is also undergoing a major road repair and resurfacing project. Roads in Ukraine and Russia are generally in poor condition due to underfunding and corruption, this situation is not helped by the terribly cold winters which cause cracks in the road surface.

Luggage collection

The new terminal has all the facilities you would expect from a modern airport so your luggage will be taken from the aircraft to the terminal where you can collect it prior to passing through customs.

Passport control

Passports are not always checked on domestic national flights, you simply collect your luggage and make your way to the terminal exit. Passengers on international flights will need to fill out a landing card prior to arrival and must show this along with the passport to the control officer.

Whether your international flight is direct to Kharkov or via Kiev it is very important to fill out the landing card correctly, one little mistake and you may have to pay a small fine (more commonly known as a bribe!).

Travelling from Kharkov Airport to the city centre

One of the easiest ways to travel to the city centre is to pre book a taxi (arrange price beforehand!) It is also possible to use a marshrutka as they are often parked outside the terminal, you pay the fare beforehand (usually indicated by a sign on the dashboard) and then just take a seat. Marshrutka are very cheap and are the preferred method of travel here in Ukraine.

If you wish to take a bus (yes there is a big difference between a bus and a Marshrutka) you will need the following bus numbers and destinations:

115 – Metro Station “Prospekt Gagarina” (6.30-22.15)
119 – Prospekt Pobedy (6:30 – 23:00)
152 – Metro Station “Akademika Barabashova” (06:00 – 20:30)
255 – Metro Station “Akademika Barabashova” (06:00 – 23:00)
If you are visiting Ukraine (or any former soviet state) for the first time, this page explains the difference between a bus and a Marshrutka.

Distance to nearby airports

Belgorod airport – 80km
Dnepropetrovsk airport – 195km
Donetsk airport – 230km
Lugansk airport – 280km
Zaporozhye airport – 240km

Contact details for Kharkov Airport

Other names – Kharkiv International Airport, Osnova Airport.
Address – Airport, str. Romashkina 1, Kharkov, 61031 UKRAINE

Tel – +38 (0)572 544820, 544817


Photos of Kharkov Airport