Sumskaya Street

Sumskaya Street in Central Kharkov

Sumskaya is the main street in Kharkov with shops, restaurants, cafes and plenty of sightseeing to do.

The map below shows various points of interest, just click on the blue marker for more information.

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In addition to shopping and eating there are plenty of other things to do and see either on or near to Sumskaya street.

The two metro stations closest to Sumskaya Street are Unversytet and Istorychnyi Muzei (see map)

Freedom Square, Gosprom Building and The Kharkov University

located within the southern half of Sumskaya Street is the Freedom Square with its prominant statue of Lenin. Located behind this is the Gosprom building and famous Kharkov university building. Here you can find more information and photos of Kharkov Freedom Square.

Kharkov Opera House and Ballet Theatre

This theatre is located just south of the Freedom square and directly opposite the Mirror Stream on Sumskaya.

The majority of plays and operas are in either Russian or Ukrainian language. The capacity of the building is just below 2000 people with plenty of parking. To the front of the building are the recently constructed fontains and water features. This is a popular meeting point for people during the summer months.

The Mirror Stream

Directly opposite the opera house you will find the Mirror Stream. It was created in 1947 to commemorate the final victory of the Great Patriotic War (world war two). It is now a very popular place for newly weds, sweethearts and anyone who wants to relax in the nice surroundings.

Located in a small plot of land with cultivated gardens you can take some lovely photos of the water fontain and gardens or go for a short stroll.

Shevchenko Park

Located just behind the opera house and adjacent to Sumskaya Street is the sprawling Shevchenko Park. Created during the early 1800’s it now includes a botanical garden, fontains and lots of statues. You will also find the Kharkov dolphinarium and Zoo located here.

This really is a great place to go for a summer walk and to relax with friends.

Gorkogo Park (Gorky Park)

This park is located further north just off Sumskaya Street and consists of many paths weaving their way through the dense woodland. It is also a popular place for people to gather but there has been some controversy in 2010 when the local council pressed ahead with plans to fell hundreds of trees so a new road can be constructed through the park. There were many protesters but it went ahead anyhow.

Nearby you will also find a cable car that travels above the park and also to the north there is a childrens railway.