The Mirror Stream

The Mirror Stream is a small park and botanical garden located opposite the Opera House on Sumskaya Street.It was developed in 1947 to commemorate the victory over Nazi Germany during the Great Patriotic War (world war two). It now contains a water feature in the form of a fontain and an archway type structure that has very much become a symbol of the city.


It is really easy to find your way to the Mirror Stream. The closest metro station is Beketova but you could use Universytet (next to Freedom Square) and walk south along Sumskaya Street. It is located directly opposite the Opera House which is a large grey building with water fontains at the front. This page also contains a map of the area.

Who is it for?

The Mirror Stream is a popular meeting point in the city and you will see many couples there. Many newlyweds can also be seen having their photos taken. It is also a pleasant place to relax and have a picnic or some time away from the city centre.