Terminal F at Kiev Borispil Airport

Announcement: New Terminal F opens at Kiev Airport. Will it affect you?

September 2010 saw the official opening of the new Terminal F at Kiev Airport.

Update: As of 31st October 2010 all Ukraine Airlines international and Wizzair flights are now arriving and departing from this new terminal. All other International carriers will most likely be using the new terminal either now or in the next few weeks.

erminal A is still being used for domestic flights within Ukraine.
(page updated 19th Nov 2010)

Map of Airport

As you can see from the map above there is only a small distance between each terminal and they are all within walking distance from each other. Also note that there is a coach park in front of the new terminal F.

Terminal F ground floor

Floorplan 1 above shows the departure and arrivals hall as well as customs and passport control. You can view a larger map here.

Terminal F first floor

The first level floor plan above shows the security control area, passport control and all eight departure gates. You can see a larger map here.

Questions and Answers

How far is terminal F from the other terminals?

It is less then five minutes walk from terminal B which was the main international terminal.

Is there a shuttle bus?

I visited Kiev Airport on 31st October (early morning flight) and did not see a shuttle bus to take passengers from one terminal to another. However there is a planned bus to take passenger between each terminal and also to the local airport hotel. This page will be updated when more information is released.

How can I find out which flight lands at which terminal?

If you are meeting someone at the airport then the screens in any terminal will tell you which flights are due to land and at which terminal. You can also check the live feed on the Boryspil Airport website here.

Photo taken on 31st October 2010

Looking for more general information about the airport?

This page is specific to terminal F but you can find further information such as bus times, a printable landing card and flight transfer info etc on the Kiev Airport page.

The future of Boryspil Airport

The 2012 UEFA football competition is being co hosted by Poland and Ukraine, to ensure that the requirements of UEFA are met, four airports are currently undergoing major expansion, this includes Kharkov Airport.

As Boryspil is the main hub airport in Ukraine the authorities decided to construct two new terminals. The first was opened in September 2010 and terminal D is still under construction and is expected to open in 2011.

Below are some statistics for the new terminals>

Terminal A is for internal domestic flights. Expected to be used for domestic arrivals only when all other terminals are completed.

Terminal B is for international flights. Expected to used for domestic departures when all other terminals are completed.

Terminal C is for VIP and private jets.

Terminal D is under construction. Expected to be opened in late 2011 and will handle 3000 international passengers per hour.

Terminal E planned to open in 2015 with a capacity of 2000 passengers per hour.

Terminal F opened in September 2010 and by end of October 2010 all Ukraine International flights will be based at this terminal.