Kharkov Transport

This page contains information about taxis, buses, the metro and local trains. I hope you find it useful.

Using the underground (Metro)

The Kharkov Metro consists of three lines – blue, red and green. It covers a total of 35 kilometres with 28 stations.

When looking at a map you will most likely see the words written in Ukrainian or in rarer cases Russian. On tourist maps you may also see a translation into English. At stations where two lines cross, you will see two station names – one for each line. On some maps you may not even see any name given for such stations, instead you will a see a number, at the base of the map you will see a key with the two station names and in some cases a translation.

Cost of tickets
You can purchase your tokens at the automated machines painted blue and white and located just before the barrier, they accept coins and notes. The cost is 1.5UAH per journey, regardless of the distance.

When you use the token at some stations you will notice the colour of the barrier change from red to green, it’s a signal for you to proceed. Not all stations have this but if it stays red then do not try and walk through the barrier as it closes automatically (and quickly!).

You can see more maps of Kharkov here.


The Metro often reaches capacity especially during the peak hours when it is not uncommon to push your way onto the carriage. The underground system in Kharkov consists of 59 trains with a combined total of 320 carriages. Each platform is 100 metres in length.

During busy periods you typically wait 2-3 minutes per train. The Metro is state owned and opens at 6am and the last train stops at midnight.


These little minibuses are really popular in Ukraine and they are also very affordable, only slightly more expensive than the local trains and can found in abundance. There are many different routes that they take so it’s best to speak to a local first so you know where the main pick up and drop off locations are. You can find more info about these types of buses on our Marshrutka page.


This page will be helpful for those looking for information on how to get between Kiev and Kharkov by public transport.

Local trains are very cheap and perfect for travelling to the suburbs or to nearby towns. They do become busy during peak hours and are very slow when compared to trains in Europe. Tickets need to be purchased in cash from the kiosk prior to entering the train – unless the kiosk is closed, in which case you may be able to purchase them from an employee onboard.

These local trains often become a favorite place for people to sell items such as beers, vodka, hats and food etc. So don’t be surprised if your carriage suddenly turns into a market. Apparently it’s quite normal here.


If you want to book a taxi then you can find some taxi telephone numbers for Kharkov here.